Examples of Blog Domain Names – How to Choose the Best One

Examples of Blog Domain Names - ASH KNOWS

Last Updated on July 7, 2022

Do you have a new brand or a new company that you are thinking to take online? For this, you will need a website. A domain name serves as the most important element of a website. It can either make or break your reputation.

Go with the one that describes your business in the best possible way. If you are looking for some examples of blog domain names, keep reading the article.

Let’s start with the basics before diving into the details of selecting the right domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the name of your website. It is the address that helps internet users to find and access your website. You can also call it a combination of various letters and numbers that you use along with a variety of domain name extensions like .com, .net, .edu, or .org.

Remember, every domain name is unique. Two or more websites cannot have the same domain name. Besides that, it is important to register your domain name before using it.

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5 Tips for Selecting a Perfect Domain Name

Here are some useful tips listed down that will help you in selecting the best name for your business. Have a look at them:

1. Go for a Brandable Domain Name

By brandable, I mean, it should sound like a brand. Don’t go for hyphens and numbers in a name because they look quite strange.

Let’s suppose you have an SEO website where you teach different SEO tutorials. See different examples of blog domain names here:

  • learn-seo-online.com

This domain name would be hard to type and say because of the hyphens in it. Chances are that people would miss the hyphen most of the time while typing the domain name.

  • beseoexpertonline.com

This name sounds brandable but still, it is challenging to remember and type because of its length. Most of the users will end up making spelling errors while typing the name.

  • seolab.com

See, this domain name looks amazing because it is easy to remember, type, and say. Plus, it sounds pretty brandable.

2. Target Broad Keywords

If you find a keyword that can be used as a domain name, you may go for it. Getting a keyword mentioned in the domain name to define your business is a good idea. But remember, don’t make this strategy your target while naming a website. Now, search engines do not give as much weight to keyword-targeted websites as they used to in the past years.

Try to go for short and broad keywords to clear the idea behind your business. The most popular domains like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Amazon do not have keyword-targeted names. They are just defining themselves in one simple word which is quite broad too.

Examples of Blog Domain Names - ASH KNOWS

3. Select the Right Domain Name Extension

As I have already explained, the domain name extensions serve as the suffix at the end of a web address, such as .com, .net, .org. While choosing a domain name, you can be pretty sure of one thing i.e. .com is always the winner.

A research from Register Stats says that out of all the domain extensions,

  • 75% have .com
  • 10% have .net
  • 7% have .org
  • 5% have .info
  • 2% have .biz
  • 1% have .us

So, as you can see, .com is always the best choice when we talk about domain extensions. If .com is not available, go for .net. In case, .net is also not available, go for .org. Never choose an uncommon or unreliable domain extension for your website.

4. Always Make Long-Term Decisions

Before finalizing the domain name, make sure that you are ready to go on with this one in all the years to come. In the future, if you decide to change the name, know that it will cost you money, time, branding, and loss in SEO rankings. You see, that’s a huge loss!

Always make long-term decisions while choosing a name for your website. Never settle for the one that you are not fully satisfied with. Remember, this is the first and foremost important decision that you will take in the process of establishing your business online.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Delay

Good blog domain names sell like fire. So, once you have decided the name, register it as soon as possible. Registering a domain name is not an expensive process thus you should avoid making unnecessary delays.

Please see, I am not asking you to make a hasty decision. I never recommend taking decisions in the flash of an eye. Take your time. Ask your friends to give suggestions. Discuss your ideas with the right people. Search for examples of blog domain names related to your niche. Consider each and every aspect of your business. Make your mind and then go for the final domain name.

This was all about choosing a perfect domain name for your business. Let me know how you found this article. If you need any help regarding selecting a domain name for your website, I am here to help. Feel free to ask questions in the comments. 🙂

Examples of Blog Domain Names - ASH KNOWS

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