Start where you are with what you have and trust your potential because if you don’t then who will?

Hello, My People!

ASH KNOWS is a resource run by me, Ayesha Khalid, which inspires you to build your own empire and live a boss-free lifestyle. Here, you will find a lot of proven strategies and better than best tips to run your own online business by following the paths that can make it possible.

The content present on this blog is written in layman’s language to make the process of learning simple and enjoyable. I believe in easy learning and try to deliver knowledge in the simplest possible way so that more and more people can benefit from it. That’s why the blog says: ASH KNOWS Simplified!

Let’s have a bird’s eye view of what the blog is all about:

  • 2/3 Part of this blog contains content regarding Blogging, SEO, Entrepreneurship, Earning Online, Digital Marketing, and WordPress. You’ll get to read a lot of informative stuff about creating different ways of earning money while sitting at home.
  • 1/3 Part covers inspirational quotes and success stories. I decided to dedicate some portion of my blog to inspirational and motivational content because when you run a business of your own, you need a lot of support and encouragement from time to time. So, whenever you feel like giving up, please don’t. Just visit these corners and I promise, they will uplift your morale once again.

This blog is basically an answer to:

Different Sections of ASH KNOWS

I just want to give you a brief introduction about each section that is present on this blog. Please have a look:

1. Start a Blog

This section is a detailed guide for all of you who want to start a blog of your own but do not have any proper guide to follow. Each and everything that is required to create a blog is mentioned step by step in this guide. You may visit this section for creating your own blog within no time.

2. Blog

In the blog section you will find content about:

3. EBooks

This is basically an e-book library section which is populated with e-books about different topics that are covered on this blog. All of these books are written by me and are available for purchase at a very reasonable price. I love writing e-books and compiling my knowledge about a certain topic in one place so that maximum people can benefit from it. Find out more about ebooks here.

4. Free Guide

In this section, you will find a free guide which will help you to identify the most possible reason behind not having a profitable website. Grab your free guide here.

5. Podcast

This section is dedicated to my podcasts. You will find all the episodes of my podcast “Business and Motivation with AK” here.

6. YouTube Videos

I also run my own YouTube channel where I make videos about the content that I share on the blog as well as on some other topics. I’ve maintained a section of my YouTube Videos on my blog so that you may stay in touch with my YouTube channel too. Check out my YouTube Videos here.

7.Daily Motivation

The daily motivation section holds two sub-categories:

8. My Services

In this section, I have described my own story and listed down the services that I am successfully providing to my clients. You may visit this section for knowing more about my journey, career, and services. I’d be glad to provide my services in growing your business and taking it to the next level. Read more about my services here.

9. Ask Ash!

This corner is actually a forum where you can freely ask me everything and anything about running and managing your own business. If you have some questions in mind that you want to get answered quickly, just come and create your questions here. I’ll answer them as my first priority.


This blog is the perfect place for all those who are passionate about working & earning from home, want to start their own business, and desire to build recognition for themselves in this quickly advancing online world.

There are a lot of people who believe that 9 to 5 job is the only source of earning and they spend their entire lives doing the jobs that they don’t even like. Long gone are the days when you only had the opportunity to serve a company lifelong and get retired afterward. This is the era of entrepreneurs who build their own routine & rules and live the kind of life they desire. So, instead of wondering when your next vacation would be, just set up a life where you don’t need a vacation to escape.

ASH KNOWS is the community that motivates you in rediscovering yourself and finding your passion parallel to developing an entrepreneurial mindset. It helps you in creating a living for yourself by using online resources like blogging and digital marketing. Many people believe that blogging and social media can only serve as your hobby but, believe me, if you get able to build an online business using these resources, you can make money while sleeping.

Be a valuable reader of ASH KNOWS and live your dreams. 🙂