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Last Updated on September 6, 2022

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Fiverr loves good-quality photos. Your gig image is one of those essential factors that help buyers decide whether or not to place an order on your gig. Dull and low-quality Fiverr gig images make a poor impression on buyers and they think that you are selling unreliable services.

This 9th article of the FREE Fiverr Series will provide you with a detailed guideline to create gig images that fit the quality standards of Fiverr. We’ll also discuss how you can find the best Fiverr gig image templates to build your gig gallery.

6 Things to Consider While Creating Fiver Gig Images

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1. Use the Best Fiverr Gig Image Size

Before designing an image for your Fiverr gig, make sure you are using the right size for it. Don’t go for too large or too small images.

The minimum size for a Fiverr gig image in 2020 is 550 pixels by 370 pixels. This means that the minimum width should be 550 pixels and the minimum height should be 370 pixels.

Best Fiverr Gig Image Size Template - ASH KNOWS

2. Don’t Overuse Text

It’s not a good idea to add a lot of text to your image. Remember, less is more. Keep your text simple and precise. Use the right fonts to increase readability. It’s best to use San Serif fonts for gig images. Besides that, avoid unprofessional colors in the images. Select a professional color theme and design your gig images around that theme.

3. Don’t Copy Other Seller’s Gig Images

Never steal or copy someone else’s gig image and use it as your own. This is against the rules of Fiverr and you may get blocked for doing this. Besides that, it also affects your Fiverr gig rankings. Always create your own images with high resolution to get orders on your gig.

Fiverr Gig Image - ASH KNOWS

4. Avoid Clickbait Images

Clickbait is basically a false marketing practice where you mislead buyers to get clicks on your gig. Using clickbait gig images can lead to a permanently suspended Fiverr account or banned gig. So, avoid this practice because it will not generate long-term results if you are trying to establish a great portfolio on Fiverr.

Clickbait in Fiverr Gig Images Tutorial - ASH KNOWS

5. No Irrelevant Images

Your gig image should be in accordance with the service you are offering in the gig. Irrelevant gig images not only confuse buyers but also reduce your chances of generating sales.

6. Don’t Use Badges in Gig Images

No matter if you are a top-rated seller or a verified pro, Fiverr does not allow you to display any kind of badge or certificate in your gig image. Avoid all types of badges while creating a Fiverr gig image. It is strictly against the TOCs of Fiverr.

Don't use Badge in Fiverr Gig Images Template - ASH KNOWS

Important Points to Cover in a Gig Image 

Here are the three points that you should target in your gig image to get noticed:

  1. The end result that the customer wants
  2. Time duration to complete the work
  3. Common objections related to the service

You don’t really need to add all of the above things all the time while creating a gig image. Here’s how you can use them wisely in a gig image:

  • Use only the first point (end result) in your gig image.
  • Make use of the first and second points (end result + time duration) for your Fiverr gig image.
  • Use all three points (end result + time duration + objections) to create an impressive gig image.

Fiverr Gig Image - ASH KNOWS

4 Methods to Make a Catchy Gig Image for Fiverr

A great gig image is a balanced combination of uniqueness, originality, and reality factor.

You can induce all these factors in a Fiverr gig image through the following ways:

  1. Use only text in the gig image.
  2. Go for text and your real picture/illustration in the gig image.
  3. Use text, your real picture, and your work samples in the gig image.
  4. Create only illustrations in your gig image to define your service.

Free Fiverr Gig Image Templates

Let’s create some templates of Fiverr images using an example that covers all the above-mentioned points.


Suppose a buyer is looking for an SEO professional to get traffic to his/her website.

In this case, you can create the following types of gig images:

1. Only Text (Showing End Result + Time Duration)

Fiverr Gig Image Template with Text - ASH KNOWS

2. Text & Real Image (Showing End Result + Time Duration + Objections)

Fiverr Gig Image Template with Text and PIcture - ASH KNOWS

3. Text, Real Image, and Work Sample (Showing End Result + Time Duration)

Fiverr Gig Image Template with Text, Picture, and Work Sample

4. Illustrations (Showing End Result + Time Duration)

Fiverr Gig Image Template with Illustration - ASH KNOWS

Royalty-Free Images to Build Your Gig Gallery for Fiverr

Here are some of the websites that you can use to get copyright-free pictures for your Fiverr Gig Image and then edit them later according to your own needs:

How to Create Fiverr Gig Image Online in 2020

If you are not a graphic designer (like me 😛 ) or don’t have any professional picture editing software, it’s best to create your Fiverr gig image online.

There are many online websites available for this purpose. I like Canva the most.

Fiverr Gig Image - ASH KNOWSLet’s see how you can create an image for your gig using Canva:

  • Go to Canva and create your account by clicking the Sign-up button. You can also sign up with Google or Facebook.

Fiverr Gig Image - Canva Account - ASH KNOWS

  • Once you are in your account, you’ll see a lot of options like Social Media, Presentation, Poster, Video, Mobile-First Presentation, Facebook Cover, Flyer, etc.

Fiverr Gig Image Canva - ASH KNOWS

  • To create your own design, click on Create a Design button at the top left corner as shown in the image below:

Fiverr Gig Image Size Canva - ASH KNOWS

  • You can select custom dimensions for your gig image as well. Click the Custom Dimensions option and enter your desired image size.

Custom Dimensions - Canva - ASH KNOWS

  • As we know, the best image size for Fiverr gig is 550 pixels by 370 pixels so we’ll create an image of this particular width and height. After setting the dimensions, click Create Design.

Create Design - Canva - ASH KNOWS

  • Now, you’ll see a new window like this:

Canva Picture Editing - ASH KNOWS

  • Here, you can use the toolbar to select any picture you like, upload your own picture, add text to it, adjust & edit it according to your own choice.

Canva Toolbar - ASH KNOWS

  • Once you have designed your image, click the Download arrow at the top right corner to download the image. Canva’s default image extension is PNG but Fiverr only allows JPG and JPEG images. So, make sure to change the image format from PNG to JPG/JPEG before downloading.

Canva Image Download Step - ASH KNOWS

How to Create Fiverr Gig Image Offline in 2020

I have a really good tool for you that you can use to create your Fiverr gig images offline.

Picasa has always been my go-to image editing software since my teenage years. It is basically a Google Product that helps you to organize, edit, and upload photos. What I like the most about Picasa is that it’s free and very easy-to-use.

You may Download Picasa Here.

Once you install Picasa, it searches for all the images in your hard drive and then shows them in different folders organized in the form of a gallery.

Picasa Main Screen - ASH KNOWS

You can also import photos directly from your cameras or other devices using the Import button at the top left corner.

Picasa Import Photos - ASH KNOWS

Here’s how you can create a gig image for Fiverr using Picasa:

  • Once you have imported all the photos in Picasa, just click on the photo you want to edit.
  • This is the screen you’ll see once you have picked the photo you want to edit:

Edit Picture with Picasa - ASH KNOWS

  • Picassa provides 5 different tabs having a variety of features for picture editing.

Picasa Toolbar - ASH KNOWS

  • While designing a picture for Fiverr gig, you’ll mostly use the Text option.

Picasa Textbox - ASH KNOWS

  • This feature has a lot of options that you can use to add text, pick different colors, adjust alignment, and select the right font size & style for creating a killer Fiverr gig image.

Picasa Text Editing Tool - ASH KNOWS

  • After you have designed your image, click the Apply button to save changes.

Picasa Text Editing Save- ASH KNOWS

  • Afterwards, save the image by clicking the File -> Save button at the top left corner.

Fiverr Gig Image Templates - ASH KNOWS

Wrap Up

That’s all, folks!

The purpose of a Fiverr gig image is to get the attention of buyers so that they can visit your gig and then place orders. Do the best you can to create a catchy gig image because it can make or mar the entire impression of your gig.

If you need further help about this topic or have any queries, do let me know in the comments.

Best of luck! 🙂

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