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Last Updated on January 27, 2022

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Hey All! This is the 3rd article of the FREE Fiverr Series. In the previous two articles, we discussed how Fiverr works and how to figure out what to sell on Fiverr.

Now, I am assuming that you have a good idea about what Fiverr is and how you can use this platform to earn money. So, from now onward, we are moving towards the practical details of Fiverr.

Today’s article consists of two parts:

  1. How to Sign up for Fiverr Account
  2. How to Set up Your Fiverr Profile

Without further ado, let’s start!

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Steps to Sign up for Fiverr Account

Making an account on Fiverr is not a difficult process. There are a few simple steps that you perform to sign up on this platform. The steps are:

Step 1

Open your internet browser, type into your browser’s address bar, and press enter. You will see Fiverr’s website in front of you.

Open Fiverr - ASH KNOWS

Step 2

Click the Join button at the top right.

Open Fiverr - Join- ASH KNOWS

Step 3

You’ll see a pop up containing the Sign-up form. Enter the email address that you want to use for your Fiverr account. You can also sign up with your Facebook or Google account but I’d suggest you use your email address.

After typing your email address, click the Continue button.

Enter Email Address - ASH KNOWS

Step 4

Next, you’ll be prompted to create a username and password. There will be a green checkmark next to each box when you select an available username and password.

While choosing a username for your Fiverr account, don’t use any random name. Go for a professional username. If you are planning to create an account on Fiverr for your company or agency, insert the proper name of your company or agency. Then, click the Join button.

Click Join - ASH KNOWS

Step 5

You’ll need to verify your email address for activating your account.

Activate Account - ASH KNOWS

Open your email inbox and click the Activate Your Account button. When you’ll click this button, your account will be activated and you’ll get access to your Fiverr account.

Verify Email - ASH KNOWS

How to Set up Fiverr Profile

When you sign up on Fiverr, you are a buyer by default. There are some steps that you have to follow for turning your buyer account into a seller account.

Follow the below steps to set up a professional seller profile on Fiverr:

Step 1

Once your account is activated, you’ll be directed to the homepage of Fiverr.

Fiverr Homepage - ASH KNOWS

Step 2

Click the Become a Seller button on the top-right for becoming a seller on Fiverr. It will open the sellers page.

Fiverr Homepage - ASH KNOWS

Step 3

Click the Become a Seller button in the middle of the page.

Become a Seller - ASH KNOWS

Step 4

In this picture, you can see the steps that you’ll have to perform for becoming a seller on Fiverr. Click the Continue button.

Click Continue 1 - ASH KNOWS

Step 5

Read the do’s and don’ts here and click the Continue button.

Continue Button 2 - ASH KNOWS

Step 6

Now, read about the Fiverr policies here and click the Continue button again.

Continue Button 3 - ASH KNOWS

Step 7

After completing the first step, click the Continue button to start creating your seller profile.

Continue Button 4 - ASH KNOWS

Steps to Create Seller Profile

There are four sections here:

  • Personal Info
  • Professional Info
  • Linked Accounts
  • Account Security

1. Add Personal Info

Step 1

Add your Full Name. Make sure to enter your original name to legally start selling services on Fiverr. It is kept private on your profile.

Add your Profile Picture by selecting the one from your computer. Use your original picture here. Never use images you don’t have copyrights for. Everyone can see your profile picture on Fiverr.

Personal Info - ASH KNOWS

Step 2

Write a catchy and impressive description defining your experience and the services you are offering on Fiverr. You can write 600 characters max. including letters, spaces, and punctuation. Writing a good description is very important for your profile so don’t take this step for granted.

Next, add your language skills and your proficiency in that language.

Click the Continue button.

Personal Info 1 - ASH KNOWS

2. Fill Out Your Professional Info

Step 1

Select your professional occupation from the drop-down menu and choose the time period for your occupation.

Next, select the categories for the services you want to sell on Fiverr.

Create Fiverr Seller Profile - Professional Info - ASH KNOWS

Step 2

Add your skills and education. It does not matter if your degree does not relate to the services you are offering on Fiverr. Add it because it’s good to let people know that you hold a certain degree.

Sign Up for Fiverr - Professional Info 1 - ASH KNOWS

Step 3

Add your certificates and personal website. If you don’t have any certificates or a personal website, you can leave these fields empty.

After adding all the information, click the Continue button.

Sign Up for Fiverr - Professional Info 2 - ASH KNOWS

3. Connect Social Media Accounts

Link your Google, Facebook, and Twitter accounts by clicking the Connect button next to the social media accounts.

Once you have connected the accounts, click Continue.

Sign Up for Fiverr - Linked Accounts - ASH KNOWS

Linked Accounts 1 - ASH KNOWS

4. Secure Your Account

Add your Email and Phone Number to verify them for securing your account.

Next, click the Finish button. It will create your professional seller profile on Fiverr.

Sign Up for Fiverr - Account Security - ASH KNOWS

Wrap Up

This was all about signing up and creating your seller profile on Fiverr.

In the next video, we’ll discuss some tips to write an engaging description for your Fiverr profile.

If you have any confusion or queries in mind, let me know in the comments.

Sign Up on Fiverr Today!Fiverr Sellers - ASH KNOWS

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