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Note: It’s a bit long but worth a read. You may scroll down to My Services section and skip the story below. 🙂

Hola, Knowers!

I am Ayesha Khalid aka Ash and I am a CS Graduate, Blogger, Freelancer, Business Content Developer, and SEO Manager with experience spanning over three years.

I completed my BCS in 2016 and applied for 2 to 3 jobs before our final exams. Fortunately or unfortunately, I just don’t know, I could not go for a single job interview and had to decline all the opportunities in my way because “life happened”. Like my other fellow graduates, I also had dreams about my career and practical life but, I guess, Allah was planning something else for me.

Soon after the final exams were over, my father was diagnosed with Brain Tumor which later was identified as Cancer. Being a daddy’s girl, this news turned my world upside down and all my focus shifted towards my dad. At that time, all of my prayers were for his recovery and healthy life. I used to spend every single second of my day with him and just ignored my career or future plans. After a few months, I realized that I was developing a depressed mindset so, thankfully, I decided to overcome my fears and do something productive with my life.

I started writing content online for different clients and got a lot of appreciation for my work. This gave me confidence that I finally started earning something and that too without leaving my dad alone. From that time onward, I wrote tons of content for different blogs, magazines, businesses, and organizations. I worked with a large number of clients and achieved so much in a single year. Afterward, I started learning SEO and provided my SEO services to different websites. During all this time, I used to work on and off like 2 to 3 hours a day depending on the health of dad so it was never a full-time job.

Things were eventually getting better and I got somewhat stable mentally and emotionally but, that’s when life said: wait a minute, darling! My daddy left this world in 2017, after around 1 year of battle with cancer. This incident badly affected my life and I developed some strange fears and disorders. It took quite long to come out of that phase and start life once again.

I’m so glad that I managed to survive somehow and say: hey life! What’s next! It still hurts to this day but I can’t let it overpower me. If any of you have a similar story to share about some great loss in your life, I’m here to listen. Come, pour your heart out with me and share what’s bothering you. People say I am a great listener.  🙂

Anyway, I resumed my work in 2018 and started working on Fiverr. This turned out to be the best decision of my life as I got really good clients and reached level 1 in just 2 months. Actually, I signed up for Fiverr in 2017 but got a chance to work on it in 2018 because of the stuff that was happening in life.

Along with providing my content writing and SEO services to my clients, I decided to set up a blog. I literally have seen the blogs grow with the content that I have written for them. Gradually, I decided to establish my own blog where I can share my experience and knowledge with the readers. I believe it is always better to work for your dreams rather than someone else’s. Life is seriously too short to waste it fulfilling other’s dreams.

I enjoy working from home with my own timetable and rules. I believe there’s something good in every situation because, at the worst time of my life, I realized my passion for blogging and content writing. I am so happy that Allah saved me from the time when I had a lot of opportunities to join some software house and spend my entire life writing codes instead of blogs. 😀

Alright, Ash! Please stop. That’s enough about you! 😐

Oh! Guess, I have written so much about me. Believe me, it took hours to write this story because, no doubt, I am a content writer, but it is always hard for me to write about myself. I don’t know how I wrote such a long story about my life! 😛

Okay! Let’s move on.

My Skills

Here’s are the services that I am recently providing to my clients. If you want to hire me or desire to have my services, please contact me here. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

  • Content Specialist
  • SEO Expert
  • Social Media Marketer
  • YouTube Channel Manager
  • Voice Artist

My Experience

  • I have written more than 1000 pieces of content about different topics for clients all around the world. Do contact me if you want to see my sample work.
  • I have successfully completed more than 20 projects of SEO.
  • I have proofread and edited the existing content of countless blogs and business websites.
  • I have managed almost 10 Youtube Channels for my clients for the past one year.
  • I have run more than 20 successful marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
  • I have also worked as a Voice Artist for a local bank for a short time.
  • I am a Level-1 Seller on Fiverr with the 5-star rating on my profile.
  • I have recently started working on Upwork too and have some of my clients here.

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If you want to work with me, you may contact me on Fiverr and Upwork too. 🙂

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